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Luge Experience

This is sure to open up a whole new world of fun! Pick up your specially designed mat and head to the top of the ice tunnel. When you're ready take your position on the mat and off you go - sliding down this 60 metre long luge.The Luge is a thrilling ice slide inspired by the Cresta Run, St. Moritz, Switzerland, and is designed to give you the buzz of an extreme toboggan run.

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Discover the thrill of sliding down ice tunnels with this fantastically unique experience! As it's the only ice tunnel in the UK this is sure to offer an experience to remember. Modelled on famous ice tunnels from around the world this is an exciting opportunity to try something new; experience the rush of an extreme toboggan run as you slide down the ice tunnel on specially designed mats.    Location: Manchester (North)

Iwantoneofthose.com Luge Experience £17.99
Experience Mad Luge Experience £18.00
Buyagift.co.uk Luge Experience £18.00
Wish.co.uk Luge Experience £18.00

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