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Exclusive Hangar Tour with Lifetime Membership to Airlander Club

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The future of the skies is always changing and Britain‚??s marvellous inventors and engineers are at the forefront of the technologies¬†revolutionising the future of flight.¬†In line with the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit for which Virgin is famous ¬†we've teamed¬†up with the developers of the Airlander project. Be in at the beginning with Exclusive Lifetime Membership to Airlander Club and be¬†part of aviation history! The Airlander 10 is a ground-breaking hybrid air vehicle¬†providing new ways to deliver humanitarian aid as well as global travel.¬†With a smaller carbon footprint than any other aircraft of its size¬†it can stay airborne for five days without refuelling. With this special lifetime club membership you'll be¬†one of an exclusive band of supporters behind a wonder of British engineering. You‚??re entitled to an exclusive behind-the-scenes Hard-Hat Hanger Tour to see the Airlander 10 up close a monthly E-newsletter and your name will be written on the hull of the aircraft.¬†You‚??ll also have the opportunity to be among the first to take a trip on board once passenger flights are available. Membership of this exclusive club is a one-of-a-kind gift so it‚??s perfect for anyone with a spirit of adventure and a keen interest in technology aviation or innovation.

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