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30 Minute Aeroplane Flight Simulator

The minimum age for this experience is 10 years old. There are no fitness requirements for this experience. There are no qualification requirements for this experience.

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Ever wondered what the cockpit of an aircraft looks like? Now is your chance to see! With Fly A Flight you get to sit in the Captainâ??s seat of a fully functional Boeing 737 fixed base flight simulator, taking the controls from take-off to landing. Every button and switch is accurate in looks and function to the real aircraft. So whether youâ??re a complete novice or an experienced pilot, this is ideal for any plane enthusiast. This experience is tailored to you and includes a minimum of one take-off and landing, with the choice of airports, day or night and any weather conditions. On arrival you will be met by your Captain, who will brief you on the aircraft and discuss what you would like to achieve during your 30 minute experience. After this youâ??ll be taken through to the cockpit where you can choose your scenario, before you are handed the controls. You will have enough time to do either a take-off, circuit and landing, or 2 to 3 approach and landings into the airport of your choice. The experience will be a truly individual one, tailored specifically to your wishes. Please note: Your experience will take place at a residential property.

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