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St Patrick's Day Minicruise to Amsterdam

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Celebrate St Patrick's Day with a difference by embarking on this very special Themed Mini Cruise! With live Irish folk tunes from The Beckett Band, you can dance the night away to a mix of Celtic and contemporary style music. Carry on the celebrations with a day out in either Amsterdam or Rotterdam before sailing home with another round of classic Irish tunes from the amazing Beckett Band. Day 1 5.00pm - Check in commences at Hull Terminal 1 - Passengers MUST arrive before 7.00pm. 7.30pm - Boarding is completed. 9.00pm - Ship departs for Europoort, Rotterdam. Day 2 8.00am - Ship arrives at Europoort, Rotterdam. 8.30am - Coach departs from Europoort. 10.00am - Coach arrives near Amsterdam central station. (Saturday and Sunday it arrives at 11:15.) 5.00pm - Coach departs from near Amsterdam Central Station (the same place as the drop off point) - Passengers MUST arrive on time. 7.30pm - Coach arrives at Europoort, Rotterdam. 9.00pm - Ship departs from Europoort, Rotterdam. Day 3 8.00am - Ship arrives at Hull Courtesy of P&O Ferries

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