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Online Learning for Kids

This is for kids aged between 5 and 12 years. There are no fitness requirements. There are no qualifications required.

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Kids... this bit's for you: Join us on the world's greatest online games adventure. Play 'Radius of the Lost Arc' and be prepared to plummet from the battlements into the swamp or be snapped up by crocodiles. Try 'Mission Inedible' and build yourself a flying superhero to save Fatopolis from disaster or help Laura McCroft break the code on her spy mission to McGoogle in 'Secret Agent'. Welcome to the fun world of GridClub - over 500 games to play! Adults... read on: Help your children's learning with a year's subscription to GridClub. This is a fun and exciting website for children aged 5 to 12 years with hundreds of interactive games. - All the games are based on the school curriculum and presented in a thrilling and motivating way. - They develop creativity, learning skills and raise achievement in Maths, English, Science, Technology, Art, Music, Languages and much, much more. Who says learning can't be fun? - Everyone is happy to use GridClub simply because it is enjoyable, safe and really rewarding. - What's more GridClub is so well regarded it is sponsored by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and by Learning & Teaching Scotland. - It has won a BAFTA in the best Children's Learning category and an ISPA award for its contribution to promoting Internet safety to children. This is a creative, refreshing and motivating website for children, engaging their imagination, developing their skills and ultimately inspiring their learning.

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