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Silver Love Heart

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The Beatles once sang that Money Can't Buy Me Love and they're probably right, although it does seem that billionaires tend to find their fair share of beautiful women... Maybe it's something to do with them being able to buy diamond-encrusted watches worth a million pounds and a Porsche Convertable for their other half to drive around in? Of course, it could be to do with their dashing good looks - those wrinkles are just sooooo attractive...! The rest of us have to cope with showing our love in different ways, but it's these ways that are often more appreciated. The Sterling Silver Love Heart might not be worth thousands of pounds and it might not be as flash as a Tiffany's diamond necklace, but it says exactly what you want it to and it will mean the world to whoever you give it to. Every one of us will remember a time at school when we either gave someone or were given a Love Heart sweet with a special message. It was either I Love You, Marry Me, Kiss Me or one of a number of other little messages that were somehow so much easier to say with a sweet! This is literally an exact replica of a Love Heart sweet but it's made from Hallmarked Sterling Silver. It has those precious words of "I LOVE YOU", making it perfect to give to the love of your life. They can carry it round everywhere with them as a constant reminder of your love. It's perfect to give to men or women and is ideal for almost any occasion. Whether it be for Valentine's Day, for an engagement or wedding present, for a birthday or Christmas or simply just because you care, this is the perfect gift. It's not too soppy for a man, yet it's sweet enough for the most ladylike of ladies! It has the added benefit that it can be carried round at all times so you'll never be far from their heart. Aahhh, isn't that sweet (excusing the pun!) Dimensions: Love Heart: Diameter - 2cm Depth - 0.4cm Box: 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 1cm (approx) Please note: This is not a toy and should not be given to young children. It is not edible and provides a choking hazard. Love Heart Sweets not included - shown for illustration only.

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