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Segway Rally for One Special Offer

Using advanced gyroscopic sensors, the Segway's acceleration is controlled by leaning forward or backwards on the handlebars, making the Segway a uniquely smooth and intuitive vehicle to drive. Your Segway Rally experience begins with a registration, where you'll be kitted up, ready for your briefing and training session. Once you've got to grips with the basic principles, you'll be taken for a group familiarity excursion, where you'll see the local area and gain confidence piloting your Segway. Finally, it's time for the main event; take to the circuit and find out how good you really are as you enjoy an exciting Segway rally! The surfaces and surroundings of the circuits will vary between locations. The experience will last for around an hour but you should allow 90 minutes. You'll receive a certificate and group photo at the end.

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This Segway Rally is the perfect way to enjoy the clean, green technological phenomenon of the Segway. You'll be kitted out with full safety gear and given all the training you need to master the two-wheeled, self balancing Segway. You'll soon be off as you take a group excursion to help you develop your skills until you're comfortable and fully Segway-savvy. Finally, hit the circuit and test yourself for ability and speed as you take on the Segway rally course! Location: Cheshire (North), Berkshire (South West)

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