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Driving Race Simulator Experience for One

Your experience starts with a brief introduction the Race House and what is involved in your session. You'll be shown to your state-of-the-art driving simulator, surrounded by tv screens displaying amazing and realistic graphics. You‚??ll choose from some of the world‚??s most popular racetracks and a range of top cars, with every detail designed to be as close as possible to the real thing ‚?? making for an extremely realistic drive! You'll start your 20 minute session with a practice lap before settling down for time trials of your chosen tracks.

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You can tear up the tarmac at Daytona, take on the challenging chicanes of Silverstone and fly across the Suzuka Circuit in a world class driving machine with this fantastic race simulator experience. You‚??ll jump in to an incredibly realistic driving simulator, where you‚??ll be able to race around some of the world‚??s top tracks in a range of amazing cars ‚?? all brilliantly reproduced using 3D laser cameras, so that every hump, lump and bump is faithfully accurate to the exact millimetre! Location: Bedfordshire (South East)

Iwantoneofthose.com Driving Race Simulator Experience for One £11.99

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